about aal chem

Aal Chem consistently provides high quality products and takes the extra steps to customize solutions to meet evolving needs. We have grown through strong relationships, innovation, and dedication, resulting in an increase of sales from $3.6 million to $90.5 million in just fourteen years with an average growth rate of 33% per year. We attribute our growth to consistently reinvesting in our infrastructure, inventory and our most important asset, people.

At Aal Chem, we arrange and oversee all aspects of our importing and shipments. We have the advantage of consolidating containers overseas, saving our customers time and money. Our developed systems ensure that our customers receive products efficiently and are updated from start to finish. When you order from Aal Chem, we will do the work, so you don’t have to.


 Customers recieve one-on-one attention. It's how we do business.





Aal Chem is the largest importer of epoxy resin in the United States and partner with the largest manufacturer of epoxy resin in the world. Our experience allows us to import over 1,200 containers annually from numerous countries around the world. We do this while maintaining compliance with all U.S. Custom regulations and meeting the requirements for C-TPAT Certification, which allows us to expedite containers through border security.




Picture1_copy.pngBorn in Iran, Kaz Darehshori grew up in the U.S. and amassed twenty years’ experience in chemical sales before starting his own company in 2002. He named it Aal Chem after the highest mountain range in northern Iran, Aalborz Mountains.


Kaz believed this name captured his vision for Aal Chem:

To establish the highest standard of excellence, operate and run a successful company others can trust, follow, and look up to.

Today, Aal Chem fulfills this vision by valuing their relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees, working to provide innovative solutions and products that enable all to succeed.





"Aal Chem offers a very diversified portfolio of quality products with superior service and delivery. They're my first choice for sourcing competitively priced commodity and specialty items. The entire team at Aal Chem is the definition of excellence in customer service."

- Leslee Parsons, Purchasing Manager

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