Contact Information


Contact Information: 

Office Phone: (616) 247-9851 
Office Fax: (616) 247-9852 
Toll Free: (855) AAL-CHEM 

Order Information:

PO orders to Aal Chem may be submitted via phone, fax or email.
Office Phone: (616) 247-9851 
Office Fax: (616) 248-7883 
Toll Free: (855) AAL-CHEM  

Aal Chem's Headquarters is Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

2240 29th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Office Phone: (616) 247-9851 
Office Fax: (616) 247-9852

Aal Chem's Southeast Branch is Located in Gaffney, South Carolina:

268 Beltline Rd. 
Gaffney, SC 29341

Office Phone: (864) 489-1122
Office Fax: (864) 489-1123

We have Warehouse Locations in the below Cities and States:

Grand Rapids, MI - Headquarters
Grand Rapids, MI - Hazmat Warehouse
Gaffney, SC
Los Angeles, CA
Tampa, FL
Brooks, KY
Louisville, KY
Chicago, IL
Baltimore, MD
Kansas City, MO
Cincinnati, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Dallas, TX

Aal Chem's Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 8-5 PM.
Saturday-Sunday, Closed. 


Interested in learning more about Aal Chem, or have a question for one of our representatives? Send us an e-mail by filling out one of our contact forms to the right.