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Tronly: Photoinitiators and UV Curable Monomers & Oligomers

Posted on Thu, Jun 09, 2016


Tronly: Photoinitiators and UV Curable Monomers & Oligomers

Tronly is a chemical manufacturing company, founded in 1997, that specializes in UV Curing chemistries.  The company boasts nearly twenty years of experience developing and creating products including photointiators, UV curable monomers and oligomers.

Tronly is based out of China, and since its beginning has grown significantly. The company now holds three subsidiary companies, multiple advanced research and development centers, two chemical production plants, and in 2015 had over $52 million in sales. Tronly partners with photoresist industry leaders such Eternal Chemical, and supplies products to companies all over the world. They take up over 90% of the market share for Cationic UV Curing in Europe where they sell to companies such as Akzo Nobel, Valspar, PPG and Sun Chemical. Tronly is just beginning to bring its strong portfolio to North American markets.

Tronly is an application-oriented company that is dedicated to creating innovative solutions within the UV industry. Their photointiators and UV curable monomers and oligomers are widely used in dry film for PCB, color filter for LCD, specialized chemicals for semiconductors, inks, coatings, and the 3D printing industry.



Photo Acid Generators

  • Oxime Sulfonate Series
  • Triazine Series




Cationic Photointiators

  • Products
    • Sulfonium/Iodonium
    • Aryl-Sulfonium Salts
    • Aryl-Iodonium Salts
  • Product Qualities
    • No Oxygen inhibition during UV curing process
    • Tack free surface curing
    • Low film shrinkage and high gloss
    • Good adhesion to different kinds of substrates
    • High abrasion and scratch resistance
    • High chemical resistance
    • Balanced film flexibility and hardness


Free Radical Photoinitiator

  • PBGs Series (Oxime Ester)
    • Higher optical sensitivity
    • Higher efficiency and less PIs concentration needed
    • Improved heat resistance compared to BASF OXE series
    • Other function modified grades are available: Low migration, high polymerization speed, long wavelength absorption, and high sensitivity.


  • HABI Series (Bis-IMIDAZOLE)




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  • Acridine Series
  • Coumarin Series
  • Anthracene Series




UV-Curable Monomers & Oligomers


  • Oxetane Series for Cationic
    • Higher curing speed
    • Higher molecule weight
    • Lower film shrinkage
    • Excellent adhesion to different substrate
    • Excellent combination of hardness and flexibility
    • Higher heat and chemical resistance
    • Increase the curing speed of Cycloaliphatic epoxide by two times at low ambient humidity
    • 4 member cyclic ether with highest basicity
    • High ring strain
    • Low viscosity and goo dilution power with epoxide
    • High reactivity in epoxide system
    • Curing is not inhibited by oxygen
    • Low skin and eye irritation

Applications: Metal coating and varnish coating for plastics, glass, paper, flexo ink, inkjet ink, and electronic coatings and sealants.


  • Acrylate Series
    • Mono-functional
      • Good diluency, low viscosity, low skin irritation, good flexibility, high refractivity, low shrinkage, good weather and water resistance
    • Bi-functional
      • Low odor, low volatility, low skin irritation, good flexibility
    • Tri-functional
      • High crosslinking, good hardness



  • Urethane Acrylate
    • High abrasion and scratch resistance
    • High flexibility and toughness
    • Good Resistance to high and low temperatures
    • Good weather and chemical resistance

Applications: Automotive and industrial coatings, offset inks, flexo inks, screen ink, and overprint varnish.


Research and Development

Tronly’s philosophy for their R&D is “Innovation is the root of development; talent is the source of all innovation.” For this reason Tronly has over 30% of its workforce in research and development and commits to only hiring high leveled professional technicians. This commitment to research and development has resulted in over 12 patents, and a number of Chinese technological awards. Aside from Tronly’s expertise in high end photointiators their R&D department specializes in organic synthesis, polymer synthesis technology, molecular structure design, light curing reactions, and technical development of electronic materials.

Tronly keeps improving their current technology through constantly interacting with customers’ questions and feedback. They work to help customers find their correct solutions.

If you have any questions about Tronly, or are interested in technical information, samples, or pricing please contact us.

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