We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality chemical products from the world's top companies in the industry.

A Global Supply Network That Helps Provide Quality Chemicals at Competitive Prices


We have strategic partnerships with 30 suppliers located around the world, ensuring Aal Chem timely delivery of all quality chemical products needed by our North American customer base.


With chemical products arriving from 14 different countries, our long-standing working relationship with U.S. Customs and C-TPAT certification helps expidite our cross-border shipping.


Aal Chem imports more than 1,000 shipping containers into the United States annually, and, in collaboration with our strategic partners, is committed to their safe and efficient transport.


Our partnership with the world’s largest epoxy resin producer, Kukdo Chemical Ltd., has helped Aal Chem become a leading importer and distributer in the U.S, with a selection of more than five dozen varieties.

Consistent Supplier Relations Based On:


Trust & Respect


Strategic Partnership

Our Suppliers

A Broad and Diverse Roster of Innovative Chemical Supply Companies

Aal Chem has coverage all over the United states, representing a range of industries and applications. Our sales, customer service, and operations teams work to understand the needs of our customers, and then strive to “deliver solutions.”  We support our customers with low cost materials, transportation logistics, meeting rush orders, and helping navigate market instability. When appropriate, we work to facilitate development between our customers and our suppliers to give our customers the advantage needed to separate themselves from the competition. Join the growing number of satisfied customers who find it easier to work with Aal Chem!

A Valued Supplier Network That Has Grown from 2 to 140 Since 2002

From the beginning owner Kaz Darehshori has strived to build relationships with the leading manufactures to meet his customers needs. We partner with leading manufacturers from around the world who can consistently deliver high quality products.  Our open and honest style coupled with good faith efforts engender the trust needed to grow their product lines. Our excellent suppliers allow us to take pride in representing the quality product lines we offer.