About Aalchem

Aalchem offers a broad line of top-quality chemical products with an innovative and customizable approach designed to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Providing Efficient Wholesale Chemical Product Distribution Throughout North America Since 2002

Aalchem provides a comprehensive portfolio of chemical products and detailed one-on-one customer service to meet the specific needs of each of its unique customers. We are strategically aligned with the world’s best chemical product suppliers to ensure that our core customer base quickly and efficiently receives the highest quality chemicals as needed in order to successfully operate their businesses.

With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Aalchem owns and operates four warehouses comprising almost 200,000 square feet, which also incorporate a HAZMAT facility, analytical laboratory, and chemical blending capabilities. Along with our in-company facilities, we have arrangements to use other warehouses strategically located around the country to help us meet our long-standing goal of offering next-day delivery to the majority of our customers.

We proudly serve North American companies involved in:

Aalchem takes great pride in the relationships it has built with its customers and looks forward to continuing its delivery of the highest quality, competitively priced chemical products with individualized attention to detail and the most responsive service in the business. We also look forward to introducing our quality product lines and superior service to new customers. Among the benefits of letting Aalchem serve as your trusted wholesale chemical distributor are:

  • Comprehensive, yet diverse, product lines
  • Long-established supply chains
  • Superior logistical management
  • Knowledgeable and responsive sales team
  • C-TPAT certified and OSHA compliant
  • ISO-certified partner suppliers    

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of being an Aalchem customer, call us at 1-855-225-2436, or request more information through our contact page.  

Aalchem by the Numbers


Aalchem annual sales of $130 million have increased by almost 3,600% since first year sales of $3.6 million. This represents a growth rate of more than 35% per year, a powerful indicator of our ability to successfully meet customer needs.


Aalchem owns and operates five warehouses (including HAZMAT facility) with a combined 467,000 square-feet of space, and utilizes 18 other warehouses across the country, helping us offer next-day delivery to the majority of our customers.


From two employees during its first year of operation in 2002, Aalchem has grown to a staff of more than 50 employees whose dedication is instrumental in ensuring that our customers get the chemical products they need on a timely basis.


Aalchem provided chemical products to 590 customers in 2022, representing a 25 percent increase in our customer base in just two years, and a further testament to the quality of our products and success of our efficient and dependable service .

Leadership That Aims High

Kaz Darehshori

Owner & President

Iranian-born Kaz Darehshori grew up in the United States and received his degree in business at Northern Illinois University before embarking on a career in chemical sales. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, keen business acumen, and unique vision for innovative chemical wholesaling, Kaz started his own company in 2002 after twenty years of gaining chemical sales experience with other companies.

"Establish the highest standard of excellence, operate and run a successful company others can trust, follow, and look up to."

Kaz founded his company with a vision of establishing “the highest standard of excellence, operate and run a successful company others can trust, follow, and look up to.” With that vision in mind, Kaz named his company Aalchem, in honor of the Alborz Mountains, the highest mountain range in northern Iran, which Kaz had looked up to for inspiration as a child.  

Dedicated One-on-One Focus to Meet Each Customer’s Needs

The high quality of our chemical products speaks for and sells itself, but at Aalchem we take whatever extra steps are required to ensure that the unique needs of each customer is met. We have grown through strong relationships, innovation, and dedication, resulting in an incredible average annual sales growth of 35% per year. Along with our dedicated one-on-one focus on customer needs, we attribute our growth to consistently reinvesting in our infrastructure, inventory, and, our most important asset, people.

At Aalchem, we arrange and oversee all aspects of our imports and shipments. We take advantage of our ability to consolidate containers overseas and conduct other expedited measures in order to help save our customers time and money. Our long-standing distribution systems ensures that our customers receive products quickly and that they can always keep track of their progress. When you order from Aalchem, we strive to take care of the work, so that you don’t have to.


Efficiency in Warehousing and Shipping

Aalchem manages logistics and warehouse operations in-house and arranges all shipments with an exacting attention to detail to ensure customers receive their products on time and with ease. Our systematic distribution process and hands-on interaction with all stakeholders allow us to successfully import more than 1,000 shipping containers from countries all over the world. Additionally, our strategic partners in Canada and Mexico help us provide efficient distribution coverage across North America.

Our extensive experience, strategic partnerships, and long-standing attention to detail give us an edge in the logistics of safe and cost-efficient distribution of chemical products. This experience includes a long-standing and respectful working relationship with regulatory bodies—including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration—that further helps expedite our ability to meet our customers’ chemical product needs. 

C-TPAT Certified

The Key to Expedited Cross-Border Shipping

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency may be tasked with protecting our borders, but also recognizes that establishing relationships with trusted individual businesses can expedite and improve the process of securing and inspecting cargo shipments. With that in mind, the agency created the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), a joint U.S.-private business initiative designed to smooth the transfer of containers through border security protocols.

Aalchem has always maintained strict compliance with all U.S. Customs regulations. The company has participated in extensive training sessions and passed all inspections in order to receive and maintain C-TPAT certification. Not only does this certification assist us in U.S. cross-border shipping, but also aids in expediting shipping across borders of C-TPAT mutual recognition partner countries.