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Calendar icon6/19/2019

Photoinitiators: Curing with Light and Confidence

JIURI New Material has been the most stable supplier of more than 20 photoinitiators over the past 20 years adding redundant manufacturing facilities and securing multiple raw material suppliers.


Calendar icon4/23/2019

Brighten Your Way: OB

Optical brighteners are ideal whitening agents with the capacity to brighten colors and reduce yellow hues in your products. They achieve this by absorbing light in the UV spectrum and emitting it in the blue portion of the visible spectrum, thereby displaying more visible light than “absorbed” and making your products appear brighter and perceived as whiter. Our OB, 2,5-Bis[2-(5-tertbutyl-2-benzoxazoyl)] thiophene can contribute to a variety of applications from plastics and fibers to imaging and coatings and is able to be used in a variety of industries.

Calendar icon7/12/2016

Photoinitiators: Radiation Curing, Free Radicals, & Cationic Types

Photoinitiators are useful compounds that when added to a formulation convert light energy into chemical energy. Photoinitiators are widely used in adhesives and sealants, powder coatings, wood coatings, clear coatings, pigment coatings, composites and inks. When photoinitiators absorb light they produce reactive species that are able to initiate or catalyze chemical reactions. These chemical reactions can be used to change solubility or other physical proper...

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