Aal Chem’s Hydrophilic Fumed Silica, HJ-200, is now FDA Approved


Hydrophilic fumed silica is used in a wide variety of applications; adhesives, cosmetic, printing inks, paints and plastics industries.  Fumed silica is a versatile material due to its small particle size, big surface area, and overall improvement to manufacturing. Its several-dimensional structure consequences in viscosity-expanding, thixotropic conduct when utilized as a thickener or fortifying filler. It is a product for widespread applications, with advantages that provide good reinforcement, thickening, absorbing the transparence, anti-UV, sterilization and so on.

Now that Aal Chem’s hydrophilic fumed silica is FDA approved, (CAS Reg. No. 7631-86-9), more customers will happily expand this product’s use into other applications that are intended for use in food-contact.

According to our lawyers who assisted us with the FDA process, HJ-200’s final test results were indisputable, “based on the information that you have provided, including the results of testing performed on the product, we have no hesitation in providing our opinion that HJ-200 fumed silica may be used in the manner described with all foods under all temperature conditions, and that such use may properly be said to fully comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all food additive regulations.”

Aal Chem is thrilled to encounter new opportunities using our fumed silica with the onset of our FDA approval.  It will be fitting for our customers to utilize this product in other applications intended for food contact (direct and indirect), given the array of uses and excellent properties.

Common Hydrophilic Fumed Silica Industries & Applications

  • Reinforcement filler in elastomers
  • Rheology and thixotropy control of liquid systems, binders, polymers, etc.
  • Used as anti-settling, thickening, anti-sagging agent
  • Improvement of free flow and anti-caking characteristics of powders
  • High transparency

Paints & Lacquers
A popular industry for fumed silica is its role in paints and lacquer formulations.  Fumed silica as an additive in these formulas increases thickness without affecting its intended flow and leaves lacquers with the ability to be translucent.  Hydrophilic fumed silica also improves paints ability to stay on the wall without paint fading over time.  It also decreases paints tendency to fade over time, offering a higher quality product.

Adhesives & Sealants
HJ-200 has become popular among adhesive and sealant manufacturers.  The properties of HJ-200 set a lot faster than some of the other types of glue.  This “glue” has the durability to withstand varied weather due to the expandable fibers within the glue.  Fumed silica can handle the chilling cold and sweltering hot temperatures without losing its ability to work effectively and without needed to prime the surface.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Fumed silica has also been adapted into pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing.  Its main benefit is its succeeding consistency needed for pastes and ointments.  This helps keep the ingredients from separating, but also provides gradual absorption.  

Hydrophilic fumed silica can be used as an additive in certain plastics for rheology control, thixotropy, anti-blocking and anti-sedimentation. It is also used in resins as a free flow agent for better water resistance.

Within the rubber industry, hydrophilic fumed silica is used in rubber boots manufacturing due its ability to stay lightweight and durable.  Another benefit is that it can be made into a variety of different colors for the soles of the boots.  It is also used in conveyor belt manufacturing, especially for use in grocery stores, because of its ability to handle oils used to loosen up the belt.  

There are wide range uses for fumed silica in an array of industries. Now that Aal Chem’s hydrophilic HJ-200 meets FDA’s compliance laws, its applications are only expanding. Fumed silica is a cost-efficient means to produce higher quality products.

Contact Aal Chem to request a more information on our fumed silicas - including a price quote or samples. Several grades of hydrophilic and hydrophoic fumed silica are available.