Daelim: Leading the Way


Adhesives & Sealants

Aalchem is proud to partner with Daelim, leading supplier of polybutene’s in the market.  Daelim strives to lead the market with product innovation and a firm emphasis on excellent quality. For any product questions or pricing, please submit a request online or contact us at info@aalchem.com       


Applications for these products are listed below.



o   Two-stroke engine oils, compressor oils, metal-working fluids

o   Hydraulic fluids, gear oils, grease, wire rope protective


o   Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Hot-Melt Adhesive

o   Water-Based Adhesive (Polybutene Emulsion)

Polymer (HIPS)/ Rubber/ Asphalt Modification

Caulks & Sealants

o   Automotive Sealant, Window Sealant, Tire Sealant (Puncture Sealant)

Stretch Wrap/ Silage Film

Food Additives & Personal Care

o   Gum base, cosmetics

Electrical Insulation

o   Cable jelly compound, submarine cable insulating oils

o   Cable insulation oils, condenser & capacitor

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