ethyl 3-ethoxy propionate (eep) is ideal for coatings


With its slow-evaporating capabilities, ethyl 3-ethoxy propionate (EEP, CAS No. 763-69-9) is an ideal ether-ester solvent for a vast range of coatings. EEP can be used as a solvent retarder in high-performance bake and air-dried coatings.

Ethyl 3-ethoxy propionate features high solvent activity, good resistance to solvent popping, fast solvent release, and is non-HAP and REACH Compliant. Additionally, EEP gives coatings outstanding flow and leveling and has low surface tension.

The main applications for EEP are marine and plastic coatings, photoresist coatings, appliance topcoats and primers, and polymerization solvents. EEP is an excellent solvent with many benefits for paint formulators and resin manufacturers.

Aal Chem now offers 396.83 pound drums of EEP. If you are interested in further information, including requesting samples or pricing, please fill out one of our contact forms