Aalchem partners with MCNS - polyether polyols


We have partnered with a new supplier of polyether polyols, MCNS.MCNS is a South Korean company that was established in 2015 with the merger of SKC and Mitsui Chemicals.MCNS produces polyether polyols, MDI and TDI, Aalchem will be handling the polyether polyol branch of their business in an effort to garner more business for both MCNS and Aalchem.Polyether polyols are an ever-expanding market within the polyurethane industry.The main business sectors that will utilize polyether polyols on a regular basis are adhesives, sealants, and elastomers, all of which are industries that are expanding for Aalchem, allowing for large growth opportunities. We will begin warehousing the more common MCNS polyether polyol products in an effort to make a large push into the market. If a customer is doing any sort of polyurethane work, there is a near inevitable chance that they will be using polyether polyols on a regular basis.The main competition for the polyol business is BASF, Carpenter, Covestro and Dow.We are very excited about this partnership with MCNS and believe that these polyether polyols and the technical assistance from the MCNS team will lead to more opportunities and more growth.