Organik Kimya: Polymer Emulsions & Specialty Chemicals


Organik Kimya is a chemical manufacturing company that was founded in 1965. With its headquarters in Turkey, the company also has plants in the Netherlands and provides chemicals to customers in over 85 countries. They operate state of the art production facilities that are able to produce an annual capacity of 250,000 metric tons. The company has a particular focus in polymer emulsions and specialty chemicals. Within these specialties, they provide Acrylics, Styrene Acrylics, Vinyl Acrylics, and Redispersible Powders. Organik Kimya is known for its quality solutions, large production capacity, and strong R&D teams.  The company uses these characteristics to provide effective and environmentally responsible chemicals to an ever changing market. Organik Kimya’s strongest product lines include Wood Coatings, Cement & Construction, and Paints & Coatings. 

Wood Coatings

Wood coatings is one of Organik Kimya’s specialty product areas. The company’s versatile formulations offer high durability and their uses range from home-owner products to industrial application. They have both acrylics and styrene acrylics for interior and exterior wood coatings. Their wood coating products provide wet adhesion promotion, self-crosslinking systems, stain blocking systems, and various resistance strengthening qualities.


  • Wood Paints
  • Wood Stains
  • Furniture/Interior Wood
  • Joinery Coatings
  • Parquet Coatings
  • Tannin/Stain Blockers
  • Sandable Sealers/Primers

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Cement & Construction

Cement & Construction is Organik Kimya’s most extensive product line. Their products can be used in many aspects of the construction world, including, drymix, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, roofing and flooring, industrial coatings, and surface protection.


Many of Organik Kimya’s Cement products come from their Redispersible Powders product line. The  redispersible powder polymers line is well developed and includes, flexible, hard, universal, hydrophobic, and self-leveling types as regular grades. While their different cement products offer many characteristics, the most prominent benefits are adhesion, flexibility, or water resistance.

  • Adhesion – Their vinyl versatate and acrylic combinations with chemical modifications offer high flexibility and better adhesion after water immersion and heat aging.
  • Flexibility – Highly branched, carbon-rich and non-linear molecular structure of redispersible powders absorb impact shocks due to torsional movement capabilities of the polymer chains. High transverse deformation, shear & impact resistance and efflorescence resistance for flexible adhesives, ETICS base coats and decorative renders.
  • Hydrophobicity & Water Resistance – Offers products for both rigid systems such as grouts and mortars, as well as flexible systems like base and top coats, and decorative renders.


  • Tile Adhesives
  • Tile Grouts
  • ETICS Adhesives
  • ETICS Base Coats
  • Self-leveling Compounds
  • Water Proofing Membranes
  • Low Emission/ Low VOC

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Many of Organik Kimya’s redispersible products fit within their Construction product line as well. The company has developed this line through their advanced laboratory facilities and continues to try to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. Organik Kimya offers many chemical solutions including, water based, solvent based, and solvent free industrial coatings, 1K and 2K systems, high and low temperature applications, anti-corrosion systems, multiple component polyurethane sealants, silicone, acrylic, and polysulfide sealants, and many others.


  • Smooth Surface Contact Primers
  • Dispersion Based Tile Adhesives
  • Elastomeric Waterproofing Membranes
  • 2K Cementitious Waterproofing Mortars
  • Cement Modifiers
  • Curing Membrane & Concrete Sealers
  • Sealants
  • Flooring Adhesives

Paints & Coatings

Organik kimya has a strong background in providing products for the paints and coatings industry as this has been a large sector of business for them in the past few decades. In the company’s commitment to provide effective materials that are environmentally responsible, all of their new product developments are in line with VOC regulations, and phasing out formaldehyde and ammonia. They offer acrylic, styrene acrylic, and vinyl acrylic products that are used in interior and exterior paints, primers, plasters, and textured paints.


  • Solvent Free Gloss & Semi Gloss Paints
  • Interior & Exterior Paints
  • Interior & Exterior Coatings
  • Silicate Paints
  • Low VOC Paints
  • Elastomeric Wall Paints
  • Anticarbonation Paints
  • EIFS Topcoat
  • Plaster & Putty
  • Roof Tile Paints & Coatings

New Products:

Organik Kimya is committed to not only supplying quality products but customizing them as well. The company takes great pride in its robust Research and Development department. Organik Kimya consistently invests in this department and employs over 80 scientists.  The team works to develop new polymers and technologies to better serve their customers. They also utilize their state of the art technology and dedicated researchers to create more efficient products for the industry.

Here are some of their newest customized products:

Orgal P 6820 –A new hydrophobic silane modified vinyl acrylic which can replace VeoVa/VA. It is APEO and ammonia free with superior pigment binding power that leaves a clear, tack free film.

                Qualities: Excellent water resistance, scrub resistance, film formation, and adhesion.

Orgal F 4050 – An APEO free acrylic copolymer made for hard interior wood coatings requiring scratch and chemical resistance. Coatings made with this product will have good transparency, gloss, and toughness.

                Qualities: Excellent chemical resistance, scratch resistance, hardness development, sandability and block resistance, transparency in clear coats, and wet/dry film clarity.

Orgal F 4520 – An APEO free acrylic copolymer which is designed for low VOC, scratch resistant and chemical resistant furniture and interior wood coatings.

                Qualities: Excellent chemical resistance, scratch resistance, hardness, sandability and block resistance, and transparency in clear coats.

Orgal Hydroflex 57 – A styrene acrylic emulsion that is APEO, ammonia, and formaldehyde free. This product has low Tg and forms a clear, elastic, and slightly tacky film. It is a newer environmentally friendly polymer for flexible mortars. It also provides better mortar rheology, reduced crack formations and improves adhesion and flexibility.

                Qualities: Excellent water and alkali resistance, crack bridging performance, flexibility, and broad formulation capability.


Organik Kimya is a trusted supplier of quality chemicals and is well respected for its innovative chemical development. The company is also very committed to being an environmentally conscience chemical producer. Organik Kimya works hard to manufacture their chemicals responsibly, with reduced waste, intelligent energy consumption, and material recycling. They believe that being environmentally responsible is good for the earth and adds value to their company.  If you have any questions about Organik Kimya, or are interested in technical information, sampling, or pricing, please contact us.