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calendar icon12/14/2022

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calendar icon2022-12-14

Fumed Silica

Learn more about fumed silica and three of our favorite products to help create desired consistency of your products!

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calendar icon3/15/2016

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calendar icon2016-03-15

AMI: Custom Intermediate Bulk Containers and Agitator Systems

Aal Chem is now partnering with American Machining Inc. to act as their company’s sales team for all products and services.

American Machining, Inc. (AMI) began in 1979 and has been providing manufacturing services to the chemical industry for 37 years. AMI’s years of experience have made them a reliable and innovative name in the container, agitator, and valve industry. American Machining, Inc. can manufacture custom designs within any of these areas and also provides container and machinery repairs, parts, cleaning, and inspections.

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